A few things about us:

Background information of Givers of Dreams

In January 2016, Givers of Dreams was started by a student from Laos named: Her Vang. Givers of Dreams was started under the name "Dreams Givers". The project was initiated to provide funding for underprivileged children in Laos to attend schools.

Her started this project because he himself also came from a family of subsistent rice farmers in the countryside of Laos. His father was addicted to opium and was abusive towards his mother for many years. As a result of this abuse, Her’s mother left for the US when he was just nine years old. Because of this, Her went through many hardships and that made him understand the importance of getting an education for a better future.

After many years of studying English on the streets and with volunteers in Luang Prabang, Laos; Her got a full scholarship to continue his study in the Netherlands and the US. While in the Netherlands, Her wanted to make a difference and give back what he’s learned to his community back in Laos. Therefore, he founded Givers of Dreams in an effort to give impoverished children in Laos the opportunities to go to school and to pursue their dreams.

Her started Givers of Dreams by writing down what he wished to do back in Laos and put it up on Gofundme to ask for donations. After ten days, he raised over $1,000 to start off this cause. With this donation, he went back to Laos during the summer of 2016 and was able to enroll 22 children in schools as public schools (public schools are not free). In the following consecutive years, Her continued to support these children and more to continue their education in schools as well as providing them with free English classes.

In the summer of 2018, Her and his friend from Bates College raised over $15,000 in an effort to expand the scale of the project so that they could reach out to more students. He and his friend rented a house in Luang Prabang to host 15 children whose families reside in the countryside of Laos. During this summer, the kids were provided a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear, and free English classes to attend. After the summer, Her saw that the children were learning so much and they had so much potential. It would be a waste of potential if the project ceased and the kids had to go back to the countryside where there would be no classes for them. Because of this, Her decided to take the year off from college to run Givers of Dreams full time so he could nurture the potentials of the students. During his year in Laos, there were 15 children living in the Givers of Dreams House and around 100 students commuting to the free English classes daily.

In the academic year, 2019 - 2020, Her returned to the US to finish his studies but wishes to turn Givers of Dreams into a US nonprofit so that the organization can reach out to more kids in Laos and possibly other countries. After months of relentless hard work, Her and his friends were able to achieve nonprofit status “501(c)3” for Givers of Dreams.

Givers of Dreams received its 501(c)3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service in 2020. The current leadership consists of passionate individuals who are teachers, parents, recent graduates, and even a college student. We believe that all children deserve an education to pursue a life with purpose and become productive citizens for their communities. We also know that not all children have equal access to education due to the lack of resources and support available in the area. Givers of Dreams exists as a resource center serving and giving underprivileged children the opportunity to have an education (or to learn English) and achieve their dreams.

It is Givers Of Dreams' intention to meet the community’s educational need, not as another social service provider, but as a community, leadership development, and education agency. Givers Of Dreams will give children education as tools to solve their own problems and build the future for their families.